As I read The Elements of Building, I found myself saying…”this is all the stuff you can't read in a book”.                                                        Alex Gromada, Coordinator, Southern Illinois CJAP

Practical, direct, no-nonsense. Wish I’d had this when I was starting out…and for the decade after that.  It's a very good book. . .              Mike Reitz

  Founding Editor and Publisher 

  The Journal of Light Construction


You won't learn how to drive a nail here, but Kerson has hit to nail on the head in every other way concerning the running of a construction business. I looked for a book like this when I was starting out—and didn't find it—and so I tripped along and learned the hard way. If you are in the business, or are about to start, this book will guide you through the questions, the unforeseen obstacles, and the issues that matter.                 Nick Nott, General Contractor

This book should be required reading for every builder in America.           Jim Fleming, Builder 

". . . The Elements of Building is one of a very small number of books relating to the leadership and management of light frame construction companies that is worth reading -- including for experienced builders."   David Gerstel, author of:                                                                       Running A Successful Construction Company